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The team at Shoals Hospice is always ready to help you and your loved ones make plans. It might not be time for hospice right now, but understanding what should happen when that time comes can help reduce the strain during a very difficult period.

Sometimes just starting the discussion can help everyone feel more comfortable. If possible, it’s best to make plans in advance when patients can take the most active part and make their thoughts and decisions known to friends and family members.

Loved ones might also like to be part of those discussions, too. Often, caregivers don’t feel that they have the right information or enough support. Our goal is to make sure everyone involved knows what to expect and how we can help.

The right time for hospice will be different for every patient, and it might mean different things to different people as well. We can provide care and assistance at home or additional care in nursing or long-term care facilities.

Every moment matters

When it is time for hospice care or even just time to think about it, we’re here for you. We passionately believe that every moment matters and that patients should have as rich an experience as possible, every day.

Community Care Hospice Nurse and Patient
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